Turn Boring Screenshots into Charming Shots

Your Screenshots often fail to impress audiences, leading to lower engagement rates.

CharmShotAI makes them beautiful with just one click!

Free. Simple. Fast.

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What I love about Charm Shot AI is that I can make my screenshot very modern and beautiful.

Lastly, I love the fact that is not subscription-based.

Nicola De Ieso

Attention-Grabbing Backgrounds

Enhance Your Screenshots with unlimited Fresh Gradients, Patterns and Colors.

Your Audience will love it.

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Instant Screenshot Balancing

Instantly Balance Text in a Screenshot with one Click.

It removes uneven white space in your Screenshot.

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Automatic Background Color Detection

CharmShotAI identifies the background color in your screenshot and applies it as padding around the screenshot to make it look perfect.

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Secure Your Privacy

Easily Hide Sensitive Information in Screenshots! Hide emails, $, API keys, license keys, or any info with ease.

Share Screenshots with confidence, knowing your private info stays private.

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Perfect Your Screenshots

Easily overlay text onto screenshots at the perfect position using AI.

No need for manual dragging of the overlay text.

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Effortless Text Extraction

Click any text in the screenshot to instantly copy it to the clipboard, or copy all text from the image with a single click.

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Make code Snapshots

Create and share beautiful images of your source code.

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Array of Essential Features

Customize or remove Watermarks. Choose Social media sizes and ratios. Add Shapes- boxes, arrows, lines, text and stars. Change font, text size, spacing and themes.

Your Privacy is respected

Runs on your browser.

Your Screenshots never leave your browser.


Snag the screenshot, hop over to CharmShotAI, and with a few clicks, you're ready to share.

No more fiddling with awkward cropping tools or wasting precious time trying to figure things out.

Natosha M.
Freelance Designer, Artist, & Coder

CharmShotAI is a better solution.

✅ Unlimited Fresh Gradients and Patterns.
✅ Text Recognition & Text Overlay by AI
✅ Hide All Sensitive Info
✅ Affordable: All features are free, except for watermark removal. Only $4.7 per active browser to remove the watermark.
✅ Add CharmShotAI PWA to home screen on any device
Known Competitors
❌ Overused Gradients and Colors
❌ Manual Text Overlay
❌ Only hides few info such as email, API
❌ Expensive yet lacking basic features: $40 per active device.
❌ Only supports one platform.

Oh, this looks like a solid tool. It's a real time-saver, for sure.