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Create stunning profile pictures in seconds. Automatically detect faces, remove backgrounds, and add custom colors or gradients. Perfect for social media, professional networking, personal branding, and online dating profiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the profile picture maker compatible with mobile devices?

Due to resource constraints on mobile devices, I recommend using a desktop for creating profile pictures. The best browser to use is Chrome. It has default caching capability, which means it doesn't have to download AI models repeatedly.

How can I create multiple profile pictures?

After choosing your image, a 'Start Making PFP' button will appear. Simply click on it to begin. You can experiment with different background colors, gradients, patterns, and professional images. Each variation can be downloaded separately.

Is signing up required to create profile pictures?

No sign-up is required at all. Create your profile pictures online instantly. Your images are your property and remain on your machine.

Is there a fee for this service?

No, it's free. Unlike other service providers that charge for this, CharmShotAI provides it for free.

What are the Lite and Pro models used for?

The Pro AI Model provides superior face detection and background removal compared to the Lite Model. Moreover, the download size of the Pro model is twice that of the Lite Model.

How does this profile picture maker respect my privacy?

Your images stay on your machine; they don't go to any server for processing. The face detection and background removal process occurs solely within your browser.

Why did I develop this profile picture maker in 2024?

Many profile picture creators available require payment or have limited customization options. There are no free services with a simple UI for creating professional-looking profile pictures with custom backgrounds. That's why I created this tool for you all, completely free of charge.

How to get help?

Feel free to send me a DM on Twitter at @sealcodes.

Where can I use the profile pictures created by this tool?

Social Media: Use your custom profile pictures on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Professional Networking: Create a consistent personal brand across different professional platforms.

Online Dating: Stand out with a unique, professional-looking profile picture.

Gaming Profiles: Use your custom avatar for various gaming platforms.

Email Signatures: Add a personal touch to your professional emails with a custom profile picture.

Can I use my own background colors or gradients?

Yes, our tool allows you to choose from a variety of solid colors and gradients. You can also input custom color codes to match your personal style or brand.