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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal image size for the upscaling tool to work efficiently in browsers, and at what point does processing time significantly increase?
For faster processing, it's recommended to select images with dimensions of up to 600 pixels when using the upscaling tool in a browser.
Is the image upscaling tool compatible with mobile devices?
Due to resource constraints on mobile devices, I recommend using a desktop for image upscaling. The best browser to use for this is Chrome. It has default caching capability, which means it doesn't have to download AI model again and again.
How can I upscale multiple images?
After you have chosen multiple images, a 'Start Upscaling' button will appear. Simply click on it.
Is signing up required to upscale images?
No sign-up is required at all. Upscale your images online instantly. Your images are your property and remain on your machine.
Is there a fee for this service?
No, it's free. Unlike other service providers that charge for this, CharmShotAI provides it for free.
How does this Upscaler tool respect my privacy?
Your images stay on your machine; they don't go to any server for face blurring. The process occurs solely within your browser.
Why did I develop an Upscaler in 2024?
All other face upscaling tools available require payment; they charge credits for upscaling of each image. There are no free services with a simple UI for upscaling images. That's why I created this tool for you all, completely free of charge.
How to get help?
Feel free to send me a DM on Twitter at @sealcodes.
Where is the application of image upscaling?
Enhanced Visuals: Image upscaling improves the visual quality of low-resolution images by increasing their size and detail, resulting in clearer and sharper images.
Print Media: Image upscaling is used in print media to enlarge images without sacrificing print quality, allowing for larger prints or posters to be produced from smaller source images.
Digital Art: Image upscaling is used by digital artists to enlarge their artwork while preserving detail, allowing for high-quality prints or digital displays of their creations.
Medical Imaging: Image upscaling is used in medical imaging to enhance the resolution of scans or diagnostic images, aiding in the detection and analysis of medical conditions.
Satellite Imagery: Image upscaling is used in satellite imagery to improve the resolution of aerial photographs or satellite images, enabling better analysis of geographic features or environmental changes.