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Bulk Image Background Blurring

Blur backgrounds in multiple images with one click. Ideal for privacy protection, focusing on subjects, creating depth in photos, and enhancing visual appeal. Perfect for social media posts, professional headshots, event photography, and creative projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the background blurring tool compatible with mobile devices?

Due to resource constraints on mobile devices, I recommend using a desktop for background blurring of images. The best browser to use for background blurring is Chrome. It has default caching capability, which means it doesn't have to download AI models again and again.

How can I blur backgrounds in multiple images?

After you have chosen multiple images, a 'Start Blurring Background' button will appear. Simply click on it.

Is signing up required to blur backgrounds in images?

No sign-up is required at all. Blur backgrounds in your images online instantly. Your images are your property and remain on your machine.

Is there a fee for this service?

No, it's free. Unlike other service providers that charge for this, CharmShotAI provides it for free.

What are the Lite and Pro models used for?

The Pro AI Model provides superior background blurring compared to the Lite Model. Moreover, the download size of the Pro model is twice that of the Lite Model.

How does this background blurring tool respect my privacy?

Your images stay on your machine; they don't go to any server for background blurring. The process occurs solely within your browser.

Why did I develop background blurring in 2024?

All other background blurring tools available require payment; they charge credits for each image's background blurring. There are no free services with a simple UI for blurring backgrounds. That's why I created this tool for you all, completely free of charge.

How to get help?

Feel free to send me a DM on Twitter at @sealcodes.

Where is the application of image background blurring?

Privacy Protection: Background blurring helps protect sensitive information or identities in images, making it ideal for sharing photos while maintaining privacy.

Portrait Enhancement: Blurred backgrounds can make subjects stand out more in portraits, creating a professional look for headshots or profile pictures.

Product Photography: Subtle background blurring can help highlight products in e-commerce or marketing images without completely removing the context.

Social Media: Background blurring can be used to create visually appealing content for social media platforms, focusing attention on the main subject.

Video Conferencing: Users can blur their backgrounds in video calls to maintain privacy or present a more professional appearance.