How to Balance Text in Images Using AI | CharmShotAI

April 8, 2024

We will use CharmShotAI to simplify the process of balancing text in your image.

Step 1:

First, check the language of the text in the image. If it’s other than English, select that language at the bottom of the design panel section named “Select Image Text Language”.

English is the default language.

Step 2:

Import your image to the CharmShotAI editor. Adjust the "Size" of the editor by dragging its sliders left or right. Adjust content padding so that your image fits in the editor.

Step 3:

Once the image is loaded in the editor, scroll down in the design panel to the middle, where you will find the “Balance Image Text” feature button.

Just click on the “Balance Image Text” button, and the text in the images will be balanced, meaning the image will have the same white space padding around the text.

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