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Face Analyzer Score: Explore Facial Geometry

Analyze facial symmetry and proportions instantly. Calculate a face score based on geometric ideals, view facial landmarks, and explore aesthetic ratios. Perfect for artistic reference, educational purposes, and understanding facial geometry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this facial analysis tool do?

This tool analyzes a selected face image to calculate a face score based on facial symmetry and proportions. It uses facial landmarks to measure various aspects of the face, compares them to idealized ratios, and adds an adjustment score of 30 to the calculated score.

What factors are used in calculating the face score?

The face score is based on two main factors: facial symmetry and facial proportions. Symmetry is calculated by comparing left and right sides of the face. Proportions are evaluated using various measurements including face width-to-height ratio, eye position, mouth position, and adherence to the golden ratio in several facial features.

How is the face score calculated?

The tool calculates separate scores for symmetry and proportions, then combines these for an overall score. This score is then scaled to a 30-100 range, with 100 being the highest possible score.

Can I see the facial landmarks used in the analysis?

Yes, after calculating the face score, you can click the 'Download Image with Landmarks' button to get an image of your face with red dots marking the detected facial landmarks.

Is this tool accurate in determining attractiveness?

This tool provides an analysis based on certain geometric principles and ratios often associated with facial aesthetics. However, it doesn't account for many factors that influence perceived attractiveness, such as expressions, skin texture, or personal preferences. It should not be considered a definitive measure of attractiveness.

What type of images work best with this tool?

The tool works best with clear, front-facing images where the entire face is visible and well-lit. Extreme angles, poor lighting, or partially obscured faces may affect the accuracy of the analysis.

Is my photo stored or shared when I use this tool?

No, all processing is done locally in your browser. Your image is not uploaded to any server or stored anywhere beyond your local session.

What facial features does the tool analyze?

The tool analyzes key facial landmarks including the jawline, nose, mouth, eyes, and eyebrows to calculate symmetry and proportions.

Can this tool be used for medical or professional purposes?

No, this tool is not intended for medical diagnosis or professional use. It's a simplified analysis meant for educational or entertainment purposes only.

How should I interpret the face score?

The face score is on a scale of 30-100, where 100 represents the highest adherence to certain geometric ideals of facial symmetry and proportion. However, this score does not determine a person's worth or overall attractiveness.

Are there any ethical concerns with using this tool?

Yes, there are ethical considerations. This tool should not be used to judge or discriminate against individuals. Facial features are just one small aspect of a person's overall appearance and character. It's important to use this tool responsibly and understand its limitations.

Can this tool analyze multiple faces in one image?

No, the current implementation is designed to detect and analyze a single face in an image.

What should I do if the tool doesn't detect a face in my image?

If no face is detected, you'll receive an alert. Try uploading a clearer, front-facing image with good lighting where the face is prominently visible.

Does this tool consider factors like age, gender, or ethnicity?

No, this tool does not consider age, gender, ethnicity, or any other demographic factors. It purely analyzes geometric proportions and symmetry based on detected facial landmarks.

What technology does this tool use?

This tool uses face-api.js, a JavaScript API for face detection and face recognition in the browser. It employs TinyFaceDetector and face landmark detection models.